Inclusive Leadership Training Events 10th, 11th and 18th October

How do you build your skills as an inclusive leader to get the best performance from those around you? All organisations need to adapt to the UK changing demographics.  In this series of modules, we introduce you to tools, increase your awareness, and help grow your capability to manage diversity and inclusion effectively in the workplace.

You can choose to do one or more of the modules, depending upon your area of interest, and desire to deepen your knowledge and skills.

Your hosts are HR specialists with a vast amount of strategic and operational experience, in Diversity and Inclusion, Talent Management and Organisation Development.  They have worked in a number of leading organisations across a variety of sectors.

Modules are:

Mindset and Resilience – 10 October Leeds & 11 October Manchester 

To become aware of how your own mind works, what triggers certain thoughts, and how to manage these better to become open to different possibilities, minimise (unconscious) biases and build your resilience.

Building & Nurturing Diverse Teams – 10 October Leeds & 11 October Manchester 

To understand how building a diverse and inclusive team can help motivate individuals and create better business performance. To raise awareness of how to harness the differences within teams using some simple tools and approaches.

Engaging Others – 18 October Manchester

This module is a blend of briefing and skills practice. It provides an overview of what engagement is, and how it can make a difference to employee performance. It also introduces tools to help leaders become more engaging in an inclusive way.

Please note that all modules are available to be booked through Eventbrite or please contact us for further information.