Unlocking the potential of all those who have the ability, engagement and aspiration to do a great job now and in the future.

We will help you identify the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed for your organisation to deliver its future strategy. If there are capability gaps we will help you to act now to select, develop and retain people for roles critical for success.

What we offer:

• Attraction & Selection: application forms, interview criteria and questions, recommendation of psychometric testing to identify skills, behaviours & cultural fit

• Diversity and Inclusion: awareness, understanding and development around visible and invisible differences including thinking styles, ideas and backgrounds. Unconscious bias training.

• Assessing Potential: methodology, analysis of outputs, recommendations

• Talent Interventions: toolkits, guidelines, processes, programmes. Tailored, stretching and cross-functional experiences comprising group, individual, classroom-based, virtual and non-traditional development.

• Succession Planning: meaningful, pragmatic and effective processes, communication and training for managers & HR. The design of an approach which is easy to implement, robust, whilst giving maximum impact.

• Evaluation of Impact: ROI, qualitative and quantitative data to demonstrate the value of the above.