Developing leaders to inspire or influence others towards a goal through authentic, values based behaviours.

We combine enquiry, focus groups, online input with creativity and analytical rigor to ensure people have a voice in shaping what the organisation stands for.

We have leading-edge knowledge on leadership and we will quickly recommend the areas of focus which might be appropriate for your business.

Based on our experience managing integration, acquisitions, divestment, outsourcing and growth, we will partner with you to design an approach, processes and programmes which meet the needs of your context and maintain people’s performance levels to enable successful change.

What we offer:

• Vision & Values: co-construction with the voices of employees at different levels to define what is personally meaningful to achieve the organisation’s goals

• Communication & Engagement: creating an open and honest dialogue with employees through a variety of communication channels to increase commitment and levels of performance. How this varies by business sector and employee demographic.

• Performance Management: enhancements to existing processes, or design documentation / new approaches which fit with the company culture. Tools, guidelines and training materials, coaching business leaders. Honest conversations training.

• Leadership and Executive Education: formal, informal, individual or group-wide. Stand-alone seminars, world-class leadership development offers, content and facilitation guides for modules, mentoring, coaching and rigorous evaluation.

• Change Management and Transformation: organisations or specific teams undergoing a re-structure, downsizing, merger or acquisition.