The ability to inspire or influence others towards a goal through authentic, values based behaviours.

Vision & Values

Organisations with a clear vision and set of values which inspire and engage employees are most successful in the longer-term.

Creating commitment behind common values increases engagement and motivates employees into delivering better results. Believing in the job you do and the purpose at the heart of the organisation also increases retention.

We work with senior leaders and employees at all levels to co-construct and define the values that are personally meaningful and will help to achieve the organisation’s goals. We will combine enquiry, focus groups, online input with creativity and analytical rigor to ensure people have a voice in shaping what the organisation stands for.

Communication & Engagement

An open and honest dialogue with employees through a variety of communication channels which increases commitment and levels of performance.

Higher outputs, lower turnover, increased productivity, reduced re-hire and training costs, better morale and well being, better external reputation and advocacy.

There are generational differences in expectations of communication and engagement. We will bring my expertise in diagnosing what is relevant to your business context, involving internal employees in the development of practical solutions. If appropriate, we can recommend different survey options, and partner with you to determine the action plans coming from the results.

Performance Management

The ability to have honest conversations with your direct reports on their strengths, development areas and where they should be focusing. It is about maximising their contribution in a way that is motivational, helps them understand what is expected of them in their job, and what they need to do differently.

Honest conversations can help motivate, direct efforts and address performance issues in an objective evidence-based way.

Using our knowledge of best practice approaches to performance management we will either recommend enhancements to existing processes, or design documentation / a new approach which will fit with the company culture; with tools, guidelines and training materials. We will coach the business leaders on how to make performance management meaningful, relevant and of value.

Leadership and Executive Education

Managers can become great leaders with the right level of feedback, support, coaching and development opportunities. This can be formal, informal, individual or group-wide.

Research on high performing organisations often reveals the significance of a great leader or leadership team driving the success. A mixture of the right experiences, internal and external, will equip people with the skills and knowledge to take tough decisions, create a vision of the future and make a stand for their own personal values. Executive Education can provide support in an increasingly ambiguous world, with a need for greater resilience and focus on relationships than before.

We have leading-edge knowledge on leadership and we will quickly recommend the areas of focus which might be appropriate for your business. We can create the structure for a world-class leadership development offer and we can write the content and facilitation guides for modules, mentoring, coaching and non-formal learning experiences. We will rigorously evaluate the impact of what is offered. In the area of Executive Education we will put you in contact with business schools who are best placed to provide generic or bespoke programmes for your needs. Alternatively, we will enter into a relationship with them on your behalf in order to co-design material.

 Change Management and Transformation

An organisation or specific team undergoing a re-structure, downsizing, merger or acquisition.

People make change happen and its success will be determined by their focus, motivation, skill and behaviours.

Based on our experience managing integration, acquisitions, divestment, outsourcing and growth, we will partner with you to design a process which meets the needs of your context and maintains people’s performance levels to enable a successful change.