Helping individuals, teams and organisations grow and adapt to changing needs.

The economic environment and expectations of organisations and employees are constantly changing. New skills – technical, managerial and behavioural – need to be learnt and applied in order to grow and succeed. Never before have digital capabilities been at such a premium.

Through its learning offer, Herkofy can enable employees to seize opportunities, reduce mistakes and accelerate progress. It can also motivate, inspire and help to retain employees.

Herkofy creates learning tailored to your organisation; grounded in best practice, mirroring the different ways people learn with blended solutions, creative and pragmatic.

What we offer:

• Induction

• Training Needs Analysis: formal or informal approach depending on your organisation’s culture and requirements

• Core Skills Training: bespoke, engaging, interactive, with guidelines for facilitators/trainers

• Management Development: design and delivery of a suite of options on a variety of line management themes

• Creating High Performing Teams: team diagnostics, working styles using psychometric tools, goal-setting, alignment, inclusion, communication processes, engagement

• Supporting teams at different stages in the life cycle; newly formed teams, those going through change and renewal, disbanding teams.

• Equipping virtual and cross-cultural teams to establish common motivation and focus

• Design and delivery of programmes on Resilience and Wellbeing